How to Design Your Home with Dark Academia Aesthetics

by Haus of Blaylock
How to Design Your Home with Dark Academia Aesthetics

Happy Halloween! As spooky season is about to come to an end, that doesn’t mean your love for spooky aesthetics has too! There’s no better time to delve into the mysterious allure of Dark Academia. This design is where moody meets maximalism, an unapologetic blend of vintage sophistication and Gothic undertones. If you’re intrigued, read on to discover how you can bring this aesthetic into your home.

The Color Palette: Moody and Brooding

One of the foundational elements of Dark Academia is its color palette, ideally steeped in deep, dark hues. Consider painting your walls in Sherwin Williams’ Dark Night, a color that instantly adds depth and a sense of history to any room.

Windows to the Soul: Stained Glass

Stained glass is an age-old art form that injects a sense of mystery and antiquity. Swapping your windows out or incorporating lamps with stained glass shades is a perfect way to elevate your space. The play of light and color will create intricate patterns on your floors, making each day feel like a scene from an old-world novel.

The Flooring: Dark Aged Hardwood

Dark-aged hardwood floors are a must. Not only do they lend authenticity, but they also add character. The signs of wear and tear tell a story, imbuing your space with an indefinable warmth.

Let There Be Light: Candelabra and Chandeliers

For lighting, think candelabra lighting, crystal chandeliers, and library wall lights. These options cast a soft glow, creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere perfect for late-night reading or intellectual discourse.

Persian or East Asian Rugs

No Dark Academia space is complete without a luxurious Persian or East Asian rug underfoot. These intricate designs add an element of sophistication and break up the darker tones in the room.

Comfort in Style: Tufted Sofas and Plush Furnishings

When it comes to furniture, opt for tufted sofas and seating options in sumptuous leather or velvet. Throw in some plaid for good measure; it adds texture and a hint of academic flair.

Reflect on the Past: Gilded Mirrors, Paintings, and Victorian Heirlooms

Gilded mirrors and paintings add a touch of opulence, reflecting the room’s luxurious details while making the space feel larger. If you have access to family heirlooms, particularly from the Victorian era, display them proudly. Antique photo frames with black and white photos from the era can also serve as a unique wall feature.

The Gothic Influence

Gothic architecture, known for its grandiosity and ornamental intricacy, can elevate the Dark Academia aesthetic. Consider adding elements like pointed arches around doorways or windows, intricate woodwork, and perhaps even ribbed vault ceilings if your space and budget allow.

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