Montgomery Plaza Condominium

This sophisticated urbane high-rise penthouse is unsurpassed in its intriguing ornamental finishes. The coloration of grays and charcoals are topped with platinum and gold highlights giving it the superior feel.  Its cosmopolitan suave surrounding makes the fashionable furnishings prominent in style. The soft champagne velvets mixed with leathers are embraced and embodied with deluxe premium comfort. Adjoining the antique mirror and wood elements along with the progressive art pieces brings this high end entertaining experience to the lifestyle of the well-deserved retreat. What is most intriguing is the icing in the adorned embellishments to give the finishing touches. The monochromatic yet colorful pallet allows for the speck of plums in the arrangements to complement the balance in the scope of the overall vision. This architecturally well-designed motif gives purpose and passion to the overall abode.